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Signal Enhancement

Miles Space’s signal enhancement algorithm substantially improves the bit error rate of received BPSK and QPSK radio signals, while staying agnostic to the underlying radio hardware. Doing so allows small antennas to successfully receive weak signals. Applications include: 

  • Use smaller, lighter receive antennas

  • Relax pointing accuracy demands

  • Access more distant sources

  • IoT with low power transmissions

  • Resilience against antenna damage in remote locations

Real World Results

Miles Space’s signal enhancement algorithm was applied to LEO satellite downlink signals received from  phased array panels in an urban environment.
Nearby buildings, metallic reflectors (cars), trees, lampposts, etc. provided multipath interference. Nearfield obstructions caused differing views of the passing satellite from each antenna.
All S-band raw signals from LEO satellites were captured and processed with a cloud based modem. After which, signal enhancement was applied and reprocessed.
The baseline hardware yielded 1,115 signal packets. The use of Miles Space’s Signal Enhancement product resulted in 2,593 packets, an increase of 132% in information yield.