Coherent Combining

Coherent Combining software performs continuous removal of RF carrier phase differences from baseband data, allowing beamforming without grating lobes.

  • Allows baseband summation without RF grating lobes.
    Tolerates arbitrary, changing, and unknown physical placement.
  • Source agnostic: Can combine dishes, phased arrays, dipoles, log periodic…
  • Encoding agnostic: PSK, QAM, OFDM
  • Accepts encrypted protocols without needing decryption
  • Supports modems by preserving symbol shape, such as RRC.
  • Accepts fractional samples per symbol – can be used without separate overhead of resampling or hardware pacing changes.
  • Protocol agnostic: No training sequences are needed.
  • Doppler Shift is preserved, enabling modem-based trajectory validation tools already in place.