The Fusion of Propulsion and Communication

Introducing the M1 Generation of Plasma Thrusters

Passive Signal Detection

The undetectable Hemiseer and Hemiseer HS systems are the next generation in tracking objects anywhere in the world.

The World's Most Efficient Thruster

The ConstantQ's compact and power-efficient design provides fuel economy, low mass and volume and market leading low power essentials.

Rugged and Reliable

Our rigorous testing protocols ensure the performance and reliability you demand from your technology partners. We stand behind our work today and tomorrow.

In real world testing,

Miles Space Signal Enhancement software yielded a 130+% increase in signal packet reception.

Our Philosophy And History Determine Our Future Trajectory.


We see a future filled with opportunity as humanity moves beyond our planet, beyond the moon, and even beyond Mars.


Our technology is inspired and enabled by the citizen science and maker movement. Grassroots revolution is the key.


Our technologies make Miles Space an innovation pioneer in the deep space SmallSat industry.


At Miles Space, we believe innovation is an ongoing process, especially when it comes to adapting our technology to your situation.

At Miles Space, we forge partnerships that allow us to cooperatively assist in delivering LEO and GEO communication systems at a fraction of the cost of conventional dishes, readily deployed worldwide.

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