Miles Space and the 2022 ASU Deep Space Summit

Miles Space is honored and grateful to be referenced multiple times in the white paper to come out of this year’s ASU Deep Space Summit. This follows our 2nd consecutive year of showing up in the NASA State of the Art report (2021 and 2020) for our novel approaches to propulsion and communications through our deep technical partnership […]

Miles Space included in NASA’s State of the Art Report for 2021

Miles Space is proud to be included in NASA’s State of the Art Report for 2021. When the first edition of NASA’s State-of-the-Art Small Spacecraft Technology report was published in 2013, 247 CubeSats and 105 other non-CubeSat small spacecraft under 50 kilograms (kg) had been launched worldwide, representing less than 2% of launched mass into […]

Miles Space is Grand Prize Winner of Space Florida’s Accelerating Innovation Competition

Exploration Park, Miami and Tampa, Fla. (June 10, 2020) – Space Florida and the Florida Venture Forum, Florida’s largest statewide support organization for investors and entrepreneurs, are pleased to announce Miles Space, Inc., ecoSPEARS, Doroni LLC and OptiPulse, Inc., as the winners of the all-virtual 2021 Aerospace Innovation and Tech Forum. Today’s event, the sixth […]

Mars is on their minds

Team Miles is in the finals of a NASA contest to create miniature satellite technology for a space mission. Tampa Bay Times