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Hemiseer finds UAVs by using an array of antennas that passively watches the sky for reflected ambient RF signals. Both power and phase data are collected, processed through a unique metric that overlays both patterns. Antennas are grouped together into clusters, typically 4 antennas along with local small computers to get baseband RF signals onto a network and to a system where they are combined. A 3D location is sought as the source of an RF emitter, or reflector of ambient RF signals. Its energy and that of a common environmental background emitter reach all antennas. The phase, gain, and power of the emitter’s signal varies for each antenna due to distance and orientation of the antenna to the emitter location. Each antenna provides an observation at each frequency and time index. These observations include power and phase of incoming RF energy. Each observation is a summation of all local emitters and a background environment energy. The more antennas available at any moment, the better the quality of observation.