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Self-taught Tampa team poised to send winning satellite into deep space

TAMPA — It’s a ragtag group of 17 would-be space explorers looking to do its part in sending humans to Mars. And it’s making progress.

Tampa Hackerspace group, Team Miles, earns a ticket to Mars

A group of innovators, hobbyists, volunteers from Tampa design a tiny satellite that NASA plans to send to Mars in 2019.

Mars is on their minds

A Tampa-based team is in the finals of a NASA contest to create miniature satellite technology for a space mission.

Tampa team’s invention headed to outer space

For the first time ever, citizen inventors will have their do-it-yourself cube satellites launched aboard NASA’s most powerful rocket.

Cube Quest Challenge Spotlight: Team Miles

Washington DC (SPX) May 19, 2017 – For Team Miles and their CubeSat entry, it’s about propelling citizen science to the moon… and beyond.

Shoebox-sized satellites made by civs win trip on NASA’s newest rocket

Three citizen teams in the United States will get to fire deep-space satellites from NASA’s newest rocket, Space Launch System, as part of the agency’s Cube Quest Challenge.

Tampa team enters new Space Race with cube satellite

A team from Tampa is competing in a contest to build a new kind of satellite. If they win, they’ll get $5 million.

NASA Cube Quest Challenge Spotlight: Team Miles

The breadbox-size Miles is a 6U satellite built to navigate into deep space.


Wesley Faler presents at Cambridge for iCubeSat 2017.

A.4.4. Team Miles: a CubeQuest deep space mission by citizen inventors
Wesley Faler, Miles Space Inc., U.S.A.

Presentation (PDF, PPTX)

Mission to Space

Team Miles wins a trip past the moon in NASA’s CubeQuest Challenge!

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